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Why Wolverine Village?

My name is Robert Alleva. I was born and raised in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan. The construction of Wolverine Village is the result of my hopes that more people will be able to enjoy this serene section of the United States.

The site was selected because of its natural beauty. The fresh air from Lake Superior alone is worth the trip. Personally I enjoy bird hunting, skiing, biking, snowshoeing, reading, walking, swimming, reflecting, and the general slowed down pace of it up here. It is my hopes that coaches, teachers, church groups, businesses and other groups take advantage of this Village.

Call today to plan a visit to relax and start to enjoy yourself.

Located Directly across from the Wolverine Nordic Center

"Spending the weekend at Wolverine Village was one of the BEST team bonding experiences my players have ever had!"

~ Scott Haley ~ Red Wing, MN High School Hockey Coach

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